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Magnosphere Magnets - Capabilities and Product Presentation 2021

Magnosphere specializes in the production and sales of strong

super magnets made of neodymium (NdFeB), Ferrite and AINiCo .

We work with a wide range of customers in various industries

designing and fabricating custom industrial magnets, precision

machining of component parts, and creating simple to complex

magnetic systems.

We can manufacture permanent magnets to your exact specifications in just a few weeks in prototype or production quantities, whether you require a complex assembly, or just a plain magnet in a size that we currently don’t stock.

We will always operate confidentially. Made-to-order magnets that have been manufactured by Magnosphere are used by blue chip companies and industry leaders in some of the most demanding applications. Our magnets are produced and fabricated for your application and requirements.

Magnosphere global magnet manufacturing have the personnel, skills, tools, machinery, and materials to convert magnets into devices or sub-assemblies. We provide solutions for top companies in the world! We demonstrate our commitment to the highest quality standards through our materials, environmental, health and safety certifications.

We are very proud to offer excellent customer service. We know that without our clients, we would not be here. If you have any questions about your order or something else, please call or email us!: info(at)

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