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Magnosphere produces permanent magnets such as samarium cobalt (SmCo), neodymium iron boron (Nd-Fe-B), alnico, and ferrite, as well as electromagnets and flexible magnets. These magnets exhibit significant properties required for different applications depending on composition, temperature, and method of assembly. In addition to off-the-shelf magnets, we also provide custom magnets, magnetic assemblies, and electromechanical components according to our customers' exact specifications. Using our world-class, in-house manufacturing facilities worldwide, and with the help of our team of competent technical designers and engineers, we design, engineer, manufacture, and deliver comprehensive and reliable magnetic solutions with short lead times. We are highly capable of producing prototypes and large volumes, whichever our customers need.We are your partners in taking your ideas into successful products on the market. Magnets have countless industrial, technical, commercial, and consumer applications. They have been key in achieving several groundbreaking technological advancements. Some of the applications of magnets are as follows.


Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets

In the medical industry, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the most important application of magnets. MRI scanners are widely used in hospitals to diagnose diseases by capturing internal body images using large magnetic fields produced by Nd-Fe-B magnets. Furthermore, magnets are used in different types of equipment for medical treatment such as dialysis machines, blood separators, and insulin pumps. Additionally, they comprise motors powering surgical and dental devices. Magnosphere’s manufacturing facilities include Class 1000 cleanroom capabilities to provide safe and sanitary magnetic products for the medical industry.

Aerospace and military

Alnico Magnets

In the 1980s, alnico magnets, a combination of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt, were replaced by Nd-Fe-B magnets as the strongest permanent magnets in the world. However, because of their high-temperature stability and excellent corrosion resistant properties, they are still used in many applications in the aerospace and military industries where materials must withstand harsh environments for long periods. Aerospace and military industries use complex systems and mission-critical components for manned and unmanned vehicles and missiles such as auxiliary power units, motors, missile components, forward-looking infrared cameras (FLIR), traveling wave tubes (TWT), and drones. These parts must be manufactured to exact tolerances to achieve failure-proof performance. Magnosphere ensures that the strict requirements of these industries are exceeded by implementing stringent quality control in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities around the globe.


Magnets are used in the automotive industry to produce efficient, safe, and environment-friendly vehicles. Ferrite magnets are low-cost magnets and are favored by most companies for the improvement of motors, sensors, and actuators of electrical vehicle control systems. On the other hand, Nd-Fe-B magnets, SmCo magnets, and alnico magnets are used in high-performance engines such as those seen on the racetrack. Magnosphere dedicates time and resources for continuous research and development to ensure long-term operational availability and high performance of your vehicles.


Samarium Cobalt Magnets

The oil and gas industry presents the most challenging and demanding applications of magnets. Nd-Fe-B and SmCo magnets are the permanent magnets used in the oil and gas industry because of their high coercive force and thermal stability. These magnets are used in sensors, couplings, drives, and filtration and separation tools for drilling operations. All of these are exposed to high temperatures and highly corrosive environments. Magnosphere's team of expert design engineers is committed to achieving a total performance system through the optimization of magnetic solutions for demanding applications like these.

Industrial automation

Industrial automation employs a combination of robots, sensors, and computers to carry out different production processes in place of human beings to increase efficiency and safety. Industrial robots lift and hold during production; this requires strength and durability. Magnets make up the mechanical parts, sensors, motors, and actuators of automatic control systems. Magnosphere adheres to thorough testing and inspection procedures to ensure reliability and quality construction of the magnetic assemblies.


Flexible Magnetic Sheet

Flexible magnetic sheets are used for point-of-sale displays to advertise a diverse range of products. Magnosphere offers a wide selection of rubber steel sheets, printable magnetic sheets, self-adhesive sheets, and colored sheets. All are available in your choice of size. In addition to these, we have adhesive magnetic tapes, which are made with a magnet on the back and adhesive on the front. These come in different colors, widths, and thicknesses. They are useful in holding lightweight retail signs.

Magnosphere provides one-stop, turnkey solutions to challenges in design and engineering. We are not mere vendors of magnets. We offer complete solutions to our customers, starting from early-stage design and moving to successful launch. Contact us and partner with us!

Magnosphere provides one-stop, turnkey solutions to challenges in design and engineering. We are not mere vendors of magnets. We offer complete solutions to our customers, starting from early-stage design and moving to successful launch. Contact us and partner with us!

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